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SmartVASE a spin off of the University of Salerno biomaterials in action


Meetings and awards

3S Eco nursery project

We successfully completed the 3S eco nursery project.
For additional info: https://www.econursery.it


November 13-17, 2017

SmartVASE is present at the event “CHINA – ITALY SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION” (here)

2017, 11th “Sino-Italian Exchange Event”

Spartacus Innovation Warrior

May 26th, 2017

SmartVase is present at FuturoRemoto: the event for the social innovation (here) at the Stand 8 in Piazza del Plebiscito Naples.

Unisa@Futuro Remoto 2017| Stefano Piotto / Roberto Pantani




May 24th, 2017

SmartVase gets the BdR award for the best Business Idea.

Borsa della ricerca (here) the meeting of University (spin-off, start-up and research groups) and investors to start new collaborations at the Campus of Fisciano (Salerno).

October 2016

SmartVase gets the 1° Award  StartLab Unicredit 2016 – CLEANTECH section

The StartLab Unicredit is a project born to support the news innovative start-up.

The elevator Pitch of Stefano Piotto

The presentation of SmartVase to the StartLab event by Valentina Cucino.

September 2016

SmartVase gets the award: “Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione 2016″

On the 20th September at the Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome, the Italian president Sergio Mattarella rewards the startup SmartVase for the development of pot plants with the support of the University of Salerno.


The President Sergio Mattarella rewards SmartVase. Take the award the CEO and co-founder Stefano Piotto and the CTO and co-founder Roberto Pantani.

 The day of the “Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione VIII Edizione – 2016”. The SmartVase co-founders and Aurelio Tommasetti the Rector of the University of Salerno.

To read something about click here.

December 2015, Rende (CS)

SmartVase gets the 1° Award IREN CLEANTECH & ENERGY – PNI 2015 (here) – Best Innovative Startup

During the pitch of Stefano Piotto

The final day of PNI

The Press conference with Aurelio Tommasetti the Rector of the University of Salerno

The Press conference with Aurelio Tommasetti the Rector of the University of Salerno

Telephone interview to STEFANO PIOTTO after the award IREN CLEANTECH & ENERGY

To listen to the interview click (here). It is only in Italian.

November 2015

SmartVase gets the 2° award of the START CUP ODCEC COMPETITION 2015

October 28th, 2015, Naples, Italy

SmartVase participates in the Innovation Award of StartCup Campania 2015 reaching the first place.

StartCup Campania is a business plan competition between projects open to the 7 universities of the region Campania.


SmartVase is a spinoff of the University of Salerno active on biomaterials. SmartVase labs are currently working on three R&D lines:

SmartVASE pot plants

In order to solve the problem of plastic waste in plant nurseries, we have developed a new kind of biodegradable pot. This pot can totally degrade in few months. The novelty is that the degradation can be initiated by the farmer only in the moment is wished. This innovation permits a dramatic cost reduction of old pots disposal and, more importantly, it solves the transplantation stress problem.

SmartVASE pot

Superhydrophobic coatings

SmartVase labs are recently developed new methods for the application of superhydrophobic coatings. The first application was a self-cleaning coating for vending applications. Currently, we are working on microfluidic and biomedical devices to prevent the platelet adhesion.

Innovative plant reorganization

In our labs, we also offer to consult with companies that wish to reduce the costs of waste disposal by means of innovative plant reorganization.

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Simona Concilio


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Stefano Piotto

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Roberto Pantani

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Lucia Sessa

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Felice De Santis

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Valentina Volpe

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